Ceramic Bowl 

 January 2020 

 The years of my life spent in Bahrain   are the inspiration behind the   creation of this bowl. 

 My drawings highlight the diversity   of Bahrain’s   population with its mix   of different faiths and culture   making it a global fusion city. It   reflects the sights and sounds   witnessed by me during the various   festivities, shows the farms I   drove by during my years of   dropping my children to school, the   aroma of shisha on the sidewalks in   the winters, the groups of ladies in   coffee bars, the moonlit nights and   the ocean surrounding with its   turquoise and azure blue hues. 

 The black and white checkered floor   in the middle of   the bowl is the   representation of the central lying   theme of my piece, joy, a central   courtyard with people of all ages   indulging in joyous festivities as   families, parents carrying babies in   their arms ensuring they are never   left out of any happy occasion.