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On my recent trip to France, I visited Atelier Cera D’ Art, a pottery studio that is run by the couple Dominique Thierry and his lovely wife Valerie. The studio is located in Puget sur Argens a small scenic town nestled in Provence, France.

The couple operate a production pottery studio, which means that they make a lot of the same styles over and over to sell wholesale. Every item is still made by hand, unique in its own way, and designed by the couple. The two have established clients across the area mainly shops selling ‘affordable art’. These shops expect certain things year after year and the couple have mastered the art of producing them efficiently. Dominique takes care of the production and his wife finishes of the pieces by glazing by hand so that each piece even though mass produced is unique in finish.

I was very touched by the warm hospitality that they exhibited, giving me a tour of their studio and giving me tips for my work taking time out of their busy schedules❤️

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