Artist Statement 

 Building a lamp, urn, vase or carving a sculpture is always  a unique experience for me. I rarely have an exact final   image in mind. I mostly let the endless possibilities of   form, scale, texture and function that forever change   with the mood of both creator and clay, determine my   ultimate work of art. The majority of my pieces are hand   built as hand building gives me a sense of freedom. I   strive to use many elements in my creations from the   marks of my fingers and tools to the effects of fire and   smoke during the kiln process. 

 After the first firing with clay getting converting   to ceramic is when the painter in me comes alive. I often   times feel that I am a painter who makes pottery. A big   source of inspiration for me are painters from the 20th   century, especially Picasso. 

 The possibilities of glazing a piece are numerous. Layering   glazes for that new ‘surprise’ or getting involved in   intricately painting the piece with under-glazes or a   combination of under and over glazes is where my   true passion is released. I use fun, playful and narrative   images onto three dimensional clay canvases. The   sculptural aspect of the form opens up endless   possibilities of creativity for me. 


 Functionality is a key element in my work. An object of   art must perform some function along with imparting   visual joy. All my wall murals and platters have been   finished with food safe glazes and can be used to serve   edibles. The urns can doubled as flower vases and jars to   store items and the ‘Picasso’ inspired sculptures are   actually candle holders. The stories in my pieces are an   expression of my visual stimuli and my fanciful   imagination. 

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